Gentle Chiropractic & Acupuncture - Dr. Sheila M. Carley- Harris & Dr. James W. Harris
Since 1993, more than 30 million people have made chiropractic a part of their health care program. These individuals have found that maintaining the structural balance of the spinal column has significant health benefits and slows regenerative changes of the spine.
Chiropractic is a conservative and non-invasive treatment approach to many conditions of the spine and extremities. The most common include: low back pain, spinal misalignments, sciatica, carpal tunnel, disc problems, pinched nerves, chronic pain problems, headaches, neck pain, and shoulder and knee pain.
Exam would include orthopedic and neurological tests, x-ray in some cases, review of your health history and present complaints. Treatment techniques and treatment frequency is determined on an individual basis. Your care would begin with a one-on-one consultation with the doctor to determine if chiropractic would benefit you.

James W. Harris, Doctor of Chiropractic has been practice in Wichita Falls since 1992. He is located at 4217 Fairway Blvd., Wichita Falls, Texas. He has helped thousands of people over the years with their musculoskeletal issues. He also provides acupuncture treatment and has 114 hours of training in acupuncture.

Sheila M. Carley-Harris, Doctor of Chiropractic has been in practice since 2002. She sees patients in our Graham and Olney, Texas locations. Additionally, Dr. Carley has completed 324 hours of training in acupuncture, 56 hours nutritional, and herbal training.

The doctors specialize in gentle, low-force techniques to restore joint function, decrease pain, and increase active and passive range of motion of the spine and the extremities.

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